About MSG Production

It all started with a delayed flight…

In 2009, Svein Gunnar Mæland was awaiting the arrival of his brother’s flight for Christmas. Much to their disappointment, his brother’s plane was severely delayed due to a snowstorm.

With his extended experience in leading automated car and truck washing systems, it was only natural that he began to think of a much needed and better solution. And so, the idea for a new airplane de-icing and washing system was born.


Our History


Svein Gunnar Mæland has spent his career developing and selling washing facilities for cars and trucks. In December 2009, he had the idea to apply the technology used in truck-washing facilities to de-icing of aircrafts.

After only a few conversations with professionals in the aviation industry, the need for automated washing of aircrafts was obvious. Mæland set out to create a system that ensured a higher quality washing and de-icing process, cut costs, increased efficiency, and offered an environmentally friendly solution.


Our first scale model and prototype is completed. It is exhibited for key stakeholders and official guests at Bø Hotel.

Our product becomes the main attraction of the Inter Airport Europe exhibition.


First capital increase from Norway Steel Invest AS.

Invited by US Air Force to present our project at the annual international Head of De-icing meeting (G12) as “Future Technology”.

Patent pending for Europe, USA and Canada.

Received Seal of Excellence Award and EUR 2,5 mill grant from European Commission Horizion 2020 SME Research and Innovation Program.


Captial increase from Lunde Høgsted Invest AS.

We have perfected our nozzle technology and further optimized our software by performing several tests. This has ensured the MSG de-icing and washing system will function to the highest degree of precision and efficiency.

The full scale project is underway with several customers eager to be among the first to use this revolutionary system.

RS500 is ready to hit the international market.

our team

Svein Gunnar Mæland

Svein Gunnar has a wide range of industrial experience and has held a number of project management and team leader roles. He has held the position of Sales Manager for southern Norway for Holta & Håland Bilvaskutstyr AS, and consequently has extended knowledge of the industrial washing industry for the automotive market, having sold and supported over 100 truck-washing machines.

This experience has been a key factor in establishing the concept behind RS-500.

Robert Bader
Vice President Innovation

Educated at the Technical College for Civil Engineering in Salzburg, Austria and speaks fluent English, German and Norwegian.

Robert has held senior positions in various industries, including Managing Director of Norway Steel Group and Project Management and Sales & Marketing Director, Strukturas AS.

Robert has gained experience in over 20 countries in North America, the Americas and Europe. This includes project management of contract work with financial responsibility including marketing related activities Europe, Asia and North America.

Jan Hansen

Jan has more than 25 years experience in management consulting.

He has held a number of senior positions in a wide range of industries. These include CEO in Corus Building Systems AS, Norsk Kjededrift AS and Telebryggen AS. He also manages his own consultancy business (Sumboulos), as a business adviser and mentoring start-ups through Innovation Norway.

Tom Runar Aasen
Technical Manager

Tom Runar has a broad background in engineering, technical problem solving and construction. His experience includes mechanics, sheet metal working, welding and maintaining heavy industrial machinery.

Willy Brenden
Project Manager Automation

Willy has several years experience as project manager within electronics and automation from building and construction industries, as well as car and truck washing machines.

Øyvind Førstøyl
Project Manager

Øyvind is a mechanical engineer and has extensive experience from the car washing industry and the construction industry, both with sales and project management.

Per Ivan Januschas
Quality Manager

Per is educated in Computer Science and Telecommunication from Colorado State University, and the University of Denver. He also holds Commercial Pilot Certificates, and is FAA Certified Flight Instructor since 1989.
Per has a wide specter of experiences from companies like Bentley, LEGO, ATEA, Statoil, and FMC Technologies, where he has performed duties as Head of IT,  and Project Management with a focus on systems design, integration, process optimization and quality assurance.

Frøydis Garmo Hovden
Vice President Sales

Bjørn Anker
General Manager

Håvard Støen
Mechnical Engineer

Håvard Støen has over 10 years of experience with hydraulics in oil & gas from platforms in the North Atlantic

Bjørn Inge Hansen
Technical Design Engineer

Bjørn Inge has several years of experience within 3D visualization and technical drawing.

Has worked with design and visual expressions in the oil/gas-sector on various projects.

Susana Lizette Prestvik
Executive Assistant

Kristian Svensson
Mechanical Engineer

Kristian Svensson has over 10 years experience in oil & gas from platforms in the North Atlantic operating cranes and other heavy machinery

Espen Andresen
Mechanical Engineer

Espen has 10 years experience as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Braathens and the Norwegian Airforce working on 737’s and F16’s. Espen also has 10 years in the Offshore industry as a Mechanical engineer, Supervisor and Manager