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RS500 - Dual System

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RS400 - Wash System

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Service and Support

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Wash & de-ice The Green Way

Minimum spill, and significantly decreased water and chemical usage.

Our systems recycle a minimum of 70% of excess fluids.

Dual system

Dual De-ice & Washing Facility

  • Offer complete de-icing and washing functionality.
  • The system de-ices up to 12 airplanes per hour.
  • Washing time is 20 minutes per plane.
  • Optimized for Boeing 737, Airbus 320, and for military planes down to small Business Jets.
  • Pre-programmed for each aircraft model.


  • Reduction of consumed chemicals
  • Collection and recycling of all excess fluids
  • 70% reduction of de-icing time
  • Reduction of flight schedule delays
  • Reduces risk for human errors
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Washing Facility

  • Clean aircrafts consume less fuel.
  • Large potential cost reduction per plane anually.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Reduction of washing time to minimum 10 minutes.
  • Approved soaps, runoff- and polish fluids.
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Under development
We are currently developing an inspection system where where a special hi-resolution camera will scan the condition of the entire airframe.

All dents and nicks will be recorded, and can later be compared with new scans to find differences in the airframe.

This revolutionary process dramatically reduces work force, increases accuracy and simplifies the long and tedious process of visually checking large airframes.

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Service &

MSG offer a training and certification program for all operators for the de-icing and washing facility.

MSG offer a multi level service and maintenance agreement.

  • Level 1: Basic service level
  • Level 2: Customized service level

We have a central agreement with our suppliers, who follow up service intervals, necessary maintenance, and eventually change components if needed.  Regional spare part storage will be established.

MSG offers online support 24/7.  We have direct access to all operating facilities, and will perform troubleshooting and give advise if downtime.

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